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Most women have dealt with vaginal itching at some point in their lives—and it can be a huge discomfort whenever you experience it. What makes things worse is that you don't know why it's happening. Vaginal itching has a diverse range of causes, from something as manageable as switching out your body wash, to something more pressing, like a sexually transmitted infection.

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Vaginas are an unfair source of widespread confusion and embarrassment: Plenty of us don't know how they work or what they look like. But it's not just popular culture that gets vaginas wrong. Scientific and medical minds long misunderstood female anatomy.

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Obviously we all know that, but it bears constant repeating. Seriously: respect. What can you do, penis?

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Vaginas — or more accurately, vulvas, and all their components — come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They even have different smells. And unless your normal involves pain or discomforteverything is likely fine. Still unsure?

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Skip navigation! Story from Music. Whether you think he's a rap god or a rapping jackass, you can't deny that Lil Wayne has a way with words.

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The trend encourages you to clean your vagina by inserting a peeled cucumber, twisting it around for about 20 minutes — longer if you can bear it. The current trend sweeping across the internet encourages you to clean your vagina by inserting a cucumber peeledtwisting it around for about 20 minutes — longer if you can bear it. A cucumber damages vaginal pH aciditywhich protects us from infections.

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Animal reproductive systems are incredibly complex - often more complicated than our own human mating rituals and reproductive cycles. Shockingly, most research in the animal sciences field focuses on male genitalia and sex habits. However, sexism might not be the definitive reason for this gender gap.

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This vagina is simply put… loose. Being in a woman should feel like a jacuzzi bath for your cock, but instead, it feels like driving your car through a carwash, when those flappy curtains soap up your sedan. Just… do the best you can, and maybe get out of there. This is the opposite of 1.

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Skip navigation! Story from Wellness. Despite what the marketing claims on some "feminine hygiene" products might lead you to believe, vaginas do not require scented wipes to make them smell good.

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When most people think of the clitoris, they think of the small visible part. But research indicates that it actually has branches that extend down underneath the skin, along either side of the vulva, kind of in a wishbone shape. The vulva refers to the outside, visible parts of your genitalia.


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