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RA Anabolic Stack

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RA features the most powerful stack on the market today. No other stack compares in value or pricing - period.

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90 capsules
3 per day (3 hour intervals)
Mass Muscle Building Stack:
- Strength
- Power
- Speed
60 capsules
2 capsule daily
Lean Muscle Building Stack:
- Strength
- Power
- Speed
30 Servings
Use only on workout days/Training
- Pre Workout
- Use in a combination
- Standalone
Reset 475 mg
Per Dose
Mass Muscle Building Stack:
- Strength
- Power
- Speed

Intermediate Stacks

Intermediate Stacks

Mutant Evolution

This stack is best taken as a 8 or 12-week cycle, and clients report incredible increases in strength, and lean muscle mass. Month 1 combines Halodrol, Epistane, M-sten, and Trenedione to form one of the leanest mass gainers we carry.

Month 2 continues with lean muscle gains but also helps to add mass and size with the additions of LMG, and Dimethazine.

Sinister 6

Sinister 6 Stack is a 90-day system, and is an extremely powerful combination of Tren, Methylstenbolone, LMG-max, and Epistane - providing the client with very lean, and dry gains with very little water weight. These compounds are proven, and result in nearly 100% success rates.


Advanced Stacks

Sasquatch DNA

Xcel Sports Nutrition's Sasquatch - The Ultimate Mass Gaining Prohormone. For serious, Hardcore Athletes ONLY!

Xcel Sports Nutitrition's Sasquatch is not a mass gaining prohormone, it is THE mass gaining prohormone. Xcel Sasquatch's ability to put on hard mass and increase your strength is like no other mass gaining prohormone out there. Xcel Sasquatch is built with an 18-methylestr known as Deca. This monster is a great mass building prohormone with joint support effects as well. Next, Xcel Sasquatch adds 20mgs of M1,4ADD which is a wet mass gaining prohormone that will have you busting records everytime you walk into the gym. Xcel Sasquatch is then rounded out with two dry compounds, Cyanostane and DMZ, for even more size and strength. Get Xcel Sports Nutrition's Sasquatch DNA mass gaining prohormone and start gaining some mass! Free Shipping!

Mammoth DNA

Mammoth DNA by Xcel Sports Nutrition is the latest generation of Mass Prohormones. Designed to take you past human genetic limitations, Mammoth DNA will help you build pounds of quality mass and incredible strength. The ingredients in Mammoth DNA will take your level of muscularity and mass to the next level, with advanced anabolics, anti aromatase compounds, and time-release absorption. Are you ready to be more than human?


Napalm by Xcel Sports Nutrition is part of the new Warfare Series Prohormones. Xcel Napalm is a powerful triple stack combining highly effective doses of Mentabolan, Max LMG, and Cyanostane. The combination of the compounds found in Napalm will produce rock hard muscle gains, rapid increase of strength, and minimal water retention. Xcel Napalm does not convert to estrogen, gains will be very lean with muscle hardening and increased vascularity. The inclusion of the time release agent Carbopol enhances the efficacy of each compound and ensures its delivery into your bloodstream.


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RA Stealth Kit


RA Anobolic Technology

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RA Anabolic Review 2012

Anabolic Stack Review: 2012


RA Heat Stack Xtreme Fat Burning Matrix

RA Heat Stack Xtreme


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RA Heat Stack Xtreme

Total Fat Burning Matrix - 6 Pack Abs"